Retrospective : Samsung Developer Conference

Samsung recently hosted their first Developers Conference in San Francisco, gathering more than 1 300 attendees, mostly software engineers, developers, industry experts, and Samsung executives.

The event spotlighted the latest Samsung developer tools and SDKs, and also aimed at providing best practices and exploring developer opportunities across the entire Samsung ecosystem.

“This is the one conference that developers can now to learn about the breath of Samsung products” said Curtis Sasaki, SVP and Head of Media Solutions Center America at Samsung Electronics.

The conference featured more than 40 sessions addressing a wide range of topics, along with “hands on” workshops and inspiring talks. Speeches given by professionals from the industry focused on various issues, such as best practices in multi-screen gaming, trends in wearable technologies, building apps for Smart TV, and more…

Developers had the opportunity to discover and experience Samsung’s latest innovations like the recently-released mobile SDKs. Indeed, 5 new SDKs were announced to be released, aiming at serving developers in their building apps for consumers, enterprises, smartphones, tablets and Smart TV.

As quoted on Forbes, Samsung said that they were “creating  one of the largest connected platforms spanning a broad range of devices”.

Sources : ForbesAndroid Central - SDC