Retrospective: Mobile Monday “Mobile Games”

You have definitely seen us talk about Mobile Monday before, and it is back this month with the topic of discussion “Mobile Games”!

Mobile Monday – also known as MoMo, for short – is an open community platform for those in the mobile sector or are interested in all things mobile. It is a worldwide event that happens on the first Monday of every month, bringing individuals together to discuss different topics relating to mobile.

On the 15th of September 2014, MoMo’s “Mobile Games” discussion took place at Development Innovations. MoMo prides itself on being “informal, interactive and fun!”, and that shone through during the dialogue.

The event saw about 40 participants from all walks of life. Some were professionals, students or even those purely interested in the mobile games sector.

Participants MoMoParticipants waiting for the discussion to start.

Four speakers were present at the event, namely, Mr. Ear Uy (a.k.a Louis) – Co-Founder from Osja Studio, Ms. Chuop Moly – Manager of Marcomm from Cellcard, Mr. Van Sambo – Game Operations Manager from Sabay Digital and Mr. Chhourm Piseth – Director from Direxplay.

Speakers MoMoSpeakers that participated in the discussion.

They shared their opinions on the upcoming trends of mobile games. The general consensus among all was that more and more mobile games are starting to sprout up in Cambodia. For Mr. Ear Uy, Osja Studio infused 70 to 80% of Cambodia’s culture in their newly developed adventure mobile game, Asva The Monkey.

Ms. Chuop Moly talked about Cellcard’s initiative to develop mobile games that can educate students. Her focus is to allow students to learn, and not just be entertained. Ms. Chuop Moly commented, “Learning through mobile games helps them to remember [information] longer than reading from a book.”

Mr. Van Sambo discussed that mobile games increases the skill of communication through interacting and chatting online. He also believes playing mobile games can work the brain through its mission design.

So, what makes a mobile game successful? Mr. Chhourm Piseth advised that it has to be addictive. Content wise, it needs to continuously draw the player in. However, there is also a whole element that contributes to the game’s success – the distribution. As of 2013, 2,371 mobile apps are released every day to the various app stores. Mr. Chhourm Piseth noted that a game, no matter how attractive, could get lost in the sea of applications.

On what they would like to see in the mobile games sector over the next five years, all speakers agreed on more innovative game development in Cambodia. Ms. Chuop Moly also wishes to eliminate inactive applications from the application stores, and hopes that the content in five years will be more than just entertainment.

MoMo is certainly an informal and interactive discussion where participants get to ask questions freely and network after. For more information on Development Innovation’s other events, you can visit here.