Retrospective: Inno-Tech Festival Cambodia

The Inno-Tech Festival, which spanned two days on March 18 and 19, featured booths from all over Cambodia and a multitude of speakers.

Held at the Institute of Technology, the Inno-Tech Festival entertained and bewildered attendees with 48 booths, ranging from Cellcard to Bookmebus. View the infographic to get the Inno-Tech Festival at a glance:


In the various rooms, speeches on different topics such as The First Cambodian Game Development Studio and Cambodia’s Solar Resource took place. Open Topics also gave other speakers an opportunity to present their ideas.

Some of the speeches covered issues such as changing the lives of children through learning. Conducted by Vorn Samphors of Aide et Action International, he discussed promoting reading to Khmer children using a user-friendly app.

Deependra Gauchan, Adviser and Creative Director for ComeTogether, an initiative tackling climate change, discussed a few solutions to address the pressing issue.

A climate change café using environmentally friendly resources and powered by solar energy was one of the ideas he brought up. Other initiatives included a campaign called Adopt a Tree and solar powered tuktuks.

The event also held speed networking sessions at the Connection Café, where business people and innovators came together to socialise. As for the anticipated hackathon, the Inno-Tech-a-thon, the winners impressed the judges with their skills and critical thinking.

As the event drew to a close, it was apparent that the Inno-Tech Festival was a celebration for all things tech and served beneficial its attendees. If you haven’t gotten enough of this year’s Inno-Tech Festival, be sure to catch next year’s!