Retrospective: Barcamp Takeo 2015

2015 has been a good year for barcamps in Cambodia, which have seen a very significant growth in the number of attendees each time a barcamp is organised in the different provinces. Many young Cambodians are becoming more in tuned with the entrepreneurial world, with the rise in attendees acting as a testament to this.

And for the first time ever, the barcamp community brought its unconferenced event right to the doorsteps of the people in Takeo, where likeminded participants got the opportunity to get together and share and present their ideas in an all-inclusive environment.

Barcamp Takeo was held from the 27th to 28th June this year at the Takeo Regional Teacher Training Centre. Over 400 participants including speakers, volunteers, and exhibitors attended the event, a huge success for a Barcamp of its first edition!

Participants gathering at the opening ceremony

More than 45 different topics related to Career, Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation, and Internet Technology were discussed and touched on by 25 speakers.

Attendees looking at the topic board and deciding which talk to go for

The top 10 topics discussed in Khmer that saw the most participants included:

1. How to be successful in finding scholarships – led by Ms Plong Malypoeur

2. Public Speaking Skills – led by Mr. Nuon Arunvisal

3. Youths and preparing for employment opportunities – led by Mr. Khan Rithya

4. Choosing skills to suit the job market – led by Mr. Seng Sopheak

5. The key to getting the job you want – led by Mrs. Huong Sok En

6. How to find information on the Internet to learn more about marketing and business – led by Mr. Be Chantra

7. The importance of setting personal goals – led by Mrs. Huong Sok En

8. How to use Mind Maps to aid in education and work – led by Mrs. Huong Sok En

9. Learn how to map up on Google Map – led by Mr. Orm Rotha

10. Contributions to improve the quality of reading and teaching through technology – led by Mr. Nhim Ronald

Other than these talks, there were also 6 different booths showcasing their ICT solutions in Cambodia at the event.

Barcamp Takeo’s participants mingling around while waiting for the next session

Take a look at the video below to have a better idea of what went on at Barcamp Takeo 2015!

It is still not too late to attend a barcamp this year! There are 2 more barcamps left in 2015, including:

Barcamp Phnom Penh (24 – 25 October)

Barcamp Kampongcham (05 – 06 December)

Additionally, for more information on barcamps, take a look at Barcamp Cambodia’s official website here.


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