Retrospective: Adfest 2015

This year, Adfest returned with a new undaunting theme: Be Bad. Held over a period of three days from 19 to 21 March in Pattaya, Thailand, the yearly advertising festival aims to commemorate and heighten artistry.

The new bold theme is targeted towards advertising creatives to take a leap of faith and swim against the current of normality, in order to come up with bolder works that are more prominent than others.

Attendees were treated to a three-day lineup of workshops, seminars, screenings, parties, networking events, and the yearly Lotus Awards, all at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group across the beachside. Established in 1998, Adfest has been advocating and acknowledging creative excellence since, while giving attendees a distinct way of acquiring knowledge through the best works, inspirational speakers, and swapping ideas.

The annual Lotus Awards has been known to be one of the most desired award shows in Asia and the Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Russia). After an overwhelming response, entries for the coveted Lotus Awards were extended to January 23.

On the second day of the festival, four emerging directors from Manila, Fukuoka, Mumbai and Tokyo were chosen out of 30 other script entries to become the “Fabulous Four”.

Their script submissions earned the most votes amongst the Film Craft Lotus and New Director Lotus Jury. Held annually, the Fabulous Four was curated by Adfest to welcome new directors and assistant directors to craft a 5-minute film script inspired by the yearly theme of the event. The chosen 4 will then only have weeks to cast, direct, shoot, and edit their scripts to turn them into short films, which will then be premiered at Adfest.

The annual Lotus Awards cover a variety of categories, including interactive, mobile, print, craft, design, and so on. This year, the winners of the categories were announced on the second day of the event, and boy were there a lot of winners! You can check out the full list of winners here.

Plaques for the annual Lotus Award winners

This year’s Young Lotus Winners went to Team Manila, where Abigail Montana and Margarita Salvador were one of 13 teams tasked to develop a campaign in 24 hours, that would let them win their dream job at their dream agency. The task was to convince the jury that they were the hottest art-director/copywriter team yet to be known by the world.

On the last day, an Awards Presentation wrapped up the 18th Adfest at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group. A whopping 1110 delegates originating from 53 cities attended the ceremony, entertaining themselves through the list of international speakers and the large exhibition of 3295 entries from 18 different award categories.

To sum the event up, Jimmy Lam, President for Adfest, said that the 56 juries “were determined and successfully awarded those entries that broke down the usual to become unusual and that set the bar higher for the future of marketing communication creativity.”

Check out some of the highlights in the 2015 showreel here:

For more information and insights into this year’s event, check out Adfest’s website here! Remember, be bad! We hope you enjoyed yourselves at the 18th Adfest!