A mobile game for social good in Cambodia

Last week we had the pleasure to introduce the cambodia-based company Osja, a game development studio created in Phnom Penh in november 2011.
This studio has not only developed mobile games made for fun purpose, they actually also created a mobile game for social good purpose, called the «Good men Quiz».
This project was initiated … More


PhnomPon : Daily Deals in Cambodia

Daily Deals websites have become very popular across the world in the past few years. Groupon is recognized as one of the major leaders, but recently in South East Asia, many local websites of that kind started taking the lead in countries such as Vietnam or Philippines for instance.
In Cambodia, there is also an online … More


Unleash your phone’s inner console!

As we’re addicted to mobile gaming and gadgets at the same time, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to introduce today’s gadget : an adapter turning your smartphone into a console !
This adapter can be paired with controllers initially made for a PlayStation3 use. The whole thing (controller + adapter) can be attached to some Android devices for … More


Mobile review : Acer Liquid E2 Duo

Taiwanese builder Acer recently unleashed its Acer Liquid E2 Duo, a midrange smartphone running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1.
Announced to be sold around 300$, the device comes with the following features :

A 4,5 inches touch screen
A screen  resolution of 960 x 540 pixels
A dual SIM
A camera with 8 megapixels
A quad core processor of 1,2 … More


Groopic mobile app : Group photos made easy

What if a mobile app could solve the issue of group photos, by allowing even the photographer himself to appear on the picture ?
That’s what Groopic mobile app brings to its users.

Indeed, Groopic‘s features offer the ability to take several picture in a row, each of them focusing on different members of … More

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