Gadget Review : iPhone Telephoto Lens

Today’s gadget is a lens, compatible with iPhones devices, that gives your phone the power of  a telephoto.

The item comes with a case, allowing it to be twisted on the iPhone.

Once installed on the iPhone, you can take photos with a fixed zoom that is almost 12 times more powerful. Here … More


Micepad App : A Solution For Live Events

Micepad is a solution available on mobile and tablet, dedicated to live events, conferences and workshops.
With this app, events organisers are provided with customised solutions aiming at engaging their audiences.
Indeed, Micepad features specific modules that can be chosen, in order to offer a tailored experience to the attendees of an event.
If like us … More


Leading Digital marketing Event in Asia : Ad Tech Singapore

Ad:Tech is an event happening in Singapore, focused on the Digital Marketing industry.
Defined as the Asia’s premier digital marketing conference and exhibition, the event will run this year on june 13th and 14th, with the theme of “Innovate or Eliminate”. This theme can be brightly illustrated by the following sentence featured on the event’s website … More


Introducing Vine by Twitter

Last january, leading micro blogging platform Twitter introduced its new baby : Vine.
Vine is a mobile app, already available for IOS devices, and to be released soon on Android ones, that mainly focuses on videos. Users can register from their Twitter account after downloading the app, and then they can upload their videos to … More


A Portable Solar Battery for iPhone

Although we’re currently entering the rainy season here in Phnom Penh, it is still obvious that Cambodia is a sunny country ! And if like us you also get grumpy when it’s time to pay the electricity bill, what about charging your phone for free thanks to the sun ?
As you may assume, we’re talking about … More

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