Social Good and Startup

As we already explained, here at Geeks in Cambodia, we’re passionate about Startups, but we’re also really excited about everything related to Social Good.
Quick reminder, we call “Social Good” all initiatives bridging tech or innovation to social change. Bottom line, any project using tech resources for solidarity or education purpose could be defined as … More


Tablet Review : Sony Xperia Z

As Sony recently unveiled the new Sony Xperia Tablet Z, we really felt like publishing a review about its features, strengths and weaknesses (basically one main weakness only : its price).
General :

“OmniBalance” Design, super slim and light
1.5 Ghz quad core Processor
Long lasting Battery with STAMINA mode

Viewing :


Gadget Review : Reflector

Today’s gadget picked by Geeks in Cambodia is not litteraly a gadget, it is foremost a mobile app. But, considering the use of this app, we decided it clearly deserved to be highlighted in our gadget section !
So what is the « Reflector app » about ?
Firts, all you need to start is, a smartphone or tablet … More


Vine now available on Android devices

Last week, we introduced the Vine mobile app, a short video sharing and social networking app, powered by Twitter.
This introduction informed that the app, launched five months ago, was only available on IOS devices and that the Android version was on the way. It is thing done, as Vine announced three days ago its being … More


A focus on Instagram

Instagram mobile app, featuring photo sharing and social networking, has become very popular in the past two years. Initially available on IOS devices only, an Android version was released around one year ago few time before the breaking news of their being acquired by Facebook was revealed.
Today, Instagram counts :

100 million Monthly Active … More

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