August Smart Lock

Today, we’re glad to introduce a smart and useful device, that could equip most of our houses in a few years. The August Smart Lock offers a secure, social and simple way to lock your home. When installed on your door lock, August manages the comings and goings of your guests and family with intelligence … More


Mobile Camp Asia 2014

Mobile Camp Asia is the very first mobile apps expo in Cambodia !

The event will be held at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia on January 18 from 8 am to 5.30 pm.
The goal of this event is to “bring together mobile enthusiasts, explorers, developers and professionals to share the current state and … More


Instagram launches “Instagram Direct”

During a press conference that happened yesterday in New York, Instagram announced the launching of a new feature : « Instagram Direct ».
The new function consist in sharing photos and videos directly with specific friends and specific groups, meaning that the app would now offer the possibility to communicate privately (through private pics / videos and messaging).


Mobile Review : Nexus 5

Taking over from the Google Nexus 4, the Nexus 5 is the latest generation of Google’s smartphones. Ever since the mobile was announced, high performances and “aggressive price” were expected, now that the OS (Android KitKat) went through a latest update, this new Google’s smartphone has clearly reached a higher level.
Already described as “one of the best phones of … More

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