Yoolk: Redefine Yellow Pages and Beyond

In recent years, many online users have discovered the revival of Cambodia Yellow Pages with new design and interface. Advanced search engine, integration with popular social networks, availability via mobile applications are only some of the innovations that can be noticed on a new Cambodia Yellow Pages version. All these improvements were developed by Yoolk … More


KTOP might be paving the way of online market in Cambodia

Launched in 2005, KTOP is a Cambodian service company that caters for mobile and computer users. Initially, KTOP provided general tech services such as software installation, unlocking cell phones, and general installation support for mobile devices. Starting from late 2012, KTOP made the move to extend their services to selling various hardware and IT products, … More


Mobile Social Commerce Conference in Cambodia : retrospective

On July 5th, Phnom Penh welcomed the Mobile Social Commerce Conference (MSOC) launched on the initiative of PIKOM and RESOLVO companies. Over 120 delegates from Cambodia, Malaysia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran attended the conference officiated by the Minister of Information Cambodia and the Secretary General of NIDA (National IT Development Authority). Geeks in Cambodia … More

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