Gadget Review : iPhone Multiport Charger

For all the Apple nerds around, we assume you’ve experienced, like us, some logistics problems when it’s time to recharge several of your devices, and having only one charger…
Well today’s gadget will definitely solve the problem ! Initially defined as an iPhone charger, this item can also be used to charge all at once … More


Apple’s new releases

Yesterday, Apple announced their latest releases during their press conference.
All the Tech addicts around here will be very pleased to discover a bunch of new cool stuff !
Indeed, amongst the hardware, software, and services presented at WWDC, here is a summary of what Apple unveiled yesterday :
We already talked about the Apple iRadio (or … More


Mobile Review : Nokia EOS

Few weeks ago, a rumor started growing about an upcoming phone by Nokia, featuring high photos performances.
As many photos, and more recently, a potential video, of the product keep coming through, it becomes obvious that the rumor could be confirmed very soon.
So far, what do we know about the Nokia EOS ?


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