Dodohub : a new healthy social network

Getting rid off bad habits, and try to lead a healthier and more productive life… When it comes to good resolutions, needless to say we’re all struggling, and trying to achieve goals by oneself is even more difficult.
What if a social network could help us improve our habits, by gathering users facing the same … More


A mobile app for lovers

“Bringing couples closer together through the use of technology”, here is the motto of  LoveByte, a lovely mobile app, tailored for couples users.
Indeed, LoveByte provides features dedicated to lovers, in opposition to any other open social network, where shared contents could be available for everyone. What matters to LoveByte is to give access to a privileged … More


What is Geeks In Cambodia?

Geeks In Cambodia is a brand new project, supported by a team of folks madly in love with Tech and Startup ecosystems in Asia !
What is this platform about ?
At Geeks In Cambodia, our aim is to gather tech news from all around the globe and share the passion with our readers … More

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