Gadget Review : The Voltmaker

As we like to share tips on iPhone’s gadgets, today’s pick is focused on an accessory that can also be used with iPhones, smartphones and other devices such as tablets or handheld game console for instance.

The Voltmaker gadget is a charger, which use can be quickly understood thanks to its tagline : “Completely … More


Mobile Review : HTC Butterfly S

After launching HTC Butterfly J last year, mobile constructor HTC is about to release a new device : HTC Butterfly S. This new smartphone should be available from next july in Asia, at the average price of $765. Thicker and heavier than the previous one, this HTC Butterfly version will feature major upgrades in terms of performances … More


Social Media use on Smartphones

We will never tell enough how mobile industry is promising here in Cambodia. Numbers of subscriptions are growing everyday, and interest for mobile updates keeps amazing us ! Not only in Cambodia, but in whole Southeast Asia, mobile sector is also clearly on a roll, with a massive increase of smartphones sales. In Cambodia, most … More


Geeks in Paradise

After Geeks on a plane and Geeks on a beach, we’re pleased to introduce today “Geeks in Paradise” !
Actually what we’re talking about now is a workshop organized by Change, named “Geeks in Paradise” by Startups Hong Kong online media. But still, paradise seems to be a perfect word for this upcoming session.

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