Gadget Review : Leap Motion

Leap Motion gadget seems to be about to revolutionize the way we use computers, with some cool 3-D Motion-Control features.
So what is Leap Motion ? It’s a new device launched by the motion-control company, featuring a software that allows people to control their computers with hand and finger movements. People can buy and download … More


3 Affordable Smartphones in Cambodia

Today we’re introducing three affordable mobile phones released in 2013, available in Cambodia for less than $150.

We compared them according to various criteria such as photo and video performances or screen display just to mention a few.

All these phones prove to provide high level performances, and to feature attractive options for … More


Introducing Google Chromecast

More than a gadget, Google Chromecast is already described as a “fast, cheap, and easy new go-to way to stream your favourite shows”.
First let’s have a quick overview to understand better what this device is about : Google Chromecast is a small “USB like” device (but with an HDMI output) that can be purchased … More


CCIM launches a new multimedia platform in Cambodia

We already introduced Cambodian Center for Independant Media in a previous post from last month, and are glad to pass the word on their latest release.
Last week, CCIM officially launched a new multimedia platform called VOD Hot News (VOD standing for “Voice Of Democracy”), available in Khmer language. This platform aims at sharing news focused … More

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