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Retrospective : Barcamp Phnom Penh 2013 – By Rattana

Hello Geeks !
I am Rattana, a Tech lover working at E. C. Digital Solutions, I am used to attending every Barcamps across Camobdia, as I am willing to get more knowledge about Technology and Startups.
Barcamp events take place in various cities in Cambodia. In this article I will talked about the Barcamp Phnom Penh … More


Our Journey at Barcamp Kampong Cham

Barcamp event takes place in various cities in Cambodia. We already talked about the Battambang edition, and recently announced the Kampong Cham one.
Last August 24th and 25th, a part of our team had the pleasure to attend this latest edition at Chea Sim University, that gathered students, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and people … More


Barcamp Kampong Cham is coming

Last May, we had the pleasure to attend Barcamp Battambang event, where we met a bunch of nice and fun people, and also a lot of geeks ! According to Tech President website, the event gathered around 700 attendees, with 70% of students from universities and high schools, and 30% from the private sector and civil … More


Open Development Cambodia bridges Tech and Civic-mindedness

Open Development Cambodia is a project focused on Cambodia, gathering informations “to help consolidate access to up-to-date information about Cambodia“.
We had the pleasure to recently meet a part of the team working on this project during Barcamp Battambang event, and it is with great interest that we started to discover this “online hub“, bringing … More


Barcamp Battambang Cambodia

Taking place next 25th and 26th of May, Barcamp Battambang is one of the Barcamp events happening in Cambodia.
Generally speaking, Barcamp is a free event, already happening in so many cities in the world, it was originally focused on tech matters, but it has also enlarged its topics since then.
Built in an untraditional … More

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