Open Cyber Talk 2016

With its theme the Internet Age and Human Rights, this year’s Open Cyber Talk will discuss the freedom on technology in Cambodia, as well as the challenges and the importance of ICT in social development.

Held at the American Intercon School, Tuol Kork Campus on June 12, Open Cyber Talk 2016 aims to provide opportunities for Internet users to be aware of their rights on the Internet.

Co-hosted by the Cambodian Youth Network (CYN), the Centre of Alliance of Labour and Human Rights (CENTRAL), Sahmakum Teang Tnaut (STT), ActionAid organisation, and the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), the event will cover the importance of using ICT to promote human rights, good governance and social development.

Topics of discussion at the event include Citizen Journalists, The Right to Privacy and Security on the Internet, Freedom of Expression on the Internet, and Online Campaigns.

Citizen Journalists will cover the role of citizen journalists and the importance of sharing information with the community, as well as activists on social networking sites.

The Right to Privacy and Security on the Internet includes areas of discussion such as protection from data theft, tracking one’s Internet and mobile phone usage, and the rights for protection against monitoring and data theft.

The Freedom of Expression on the Internet will delve into the policy of rights and the freedom of expression on the Internet.

The Online Campaign will enlighten participants on using hashtags and how to boost their online reach, “likes” and views.

Other topics of discussion would be Activists on the Internet, Media Literacy and Geek Talks.

Apart from talks on how users can promote the freedom of advocacy and privacy on the Internet, the talk will have a session where participants can address their concerns and the challenges faced when it comes to using the Internet in Cambodia.

Open Cyber Talk 2016 takes place from 7am to 12pm. The agenda is as follows:

7am – 8am: Registration

8am – 8:05am: The National Anthem

8:05am – 8:15am: Opening speeches

8:15am – 8:45am: Introduction and agenda of the event

8:45am – 10:25am: Group discussion on the “Internet Age and Human Rights”

10:25am – 10:35am: Group photos

10:35am – 11:50am: Citizen Journalists/The Right to Privacy and Security on the Internet/Freedom of Expression on the Internet/Online Campaign/Activists on the Internet/Media Literacy/Geek Talks 1 and 2

11:50am – 12pm: Recap and closing

Open Cyber Talk 2016 is free of charge. Register here or contact 093 913 011 for more information.

Alternatively, you can take a look at the poster to find out more.