Online Gaming Competition in Cambodia

Two weeks ago, we introduced Sabay, a cambodia-based company providing, among other things, the leading gaming experience in the Kingdom.

As fundamental gamers, the representation we have of online and video games does not only include the fun part, but also pictures them as creative tools. Although, we are aware of the controversies often applying when it comes to gaming, sometimes considered as “negatively impacting the player attitude and behavior”.

During our interview with Sabay’s representatives, we were delighted to hear that they were working hard on changing the perception of games, especially here in Cambodia. Indeed, they see in online gaming a way to leverage creativity and team spirit, and they also pointed out the fact that, from their observations and statistics, some of the best universities students in Cambodia actually play online games.

More than spreading a positive message about online gaming, Sabay launched a national Championship, aiming to improve leadership and team work thanks to gaming. Those Cambodian Cyber Championships rely on both JX and AK games, and are based on teamwork. The global process involves pre-qualifications in game shops, then local finals are held amongst cambodian provinces,  and finally the best teams are invited to compete in the main final taking place in Phnom Penh. A champion of the province is also elected for each local event. The winners of the final are rewarded with a cash prize, Sabay’s website recently announced 2 000$ for the first place, and 1 000$ for the second place.

In january this year, the previous AK winner team was sent to Thailand to compete in the International Championship called MATIC (Mission Against Terror International Championship), and made it to the second position in the overall ranking !

Registrations to Cambodian Cyber Championship are now open, so if you wish to take part in this experience, you can enter the selection matches ran by Sabay in game shops, then 8 teams of AK and 8 teams of JX will join the province finals on the following dates :

14-15 September : Battambeng

21-22 September : BanteyMenchaey

12-13 October : Kompong Cham

26-27 October : Siem Reap

9-10 November : Sihanoukville

The main final will take place on November 30th and December 1st.

Registration can be operated from your Sabay’s account, more instructions are available here.

May the best team win !