November’s Demo Day Cambodia: A Retrospective

The last Demo Day of the year took place at Raintree Cambodia on Tuesday the 13th. Organised by the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham), presentations, demos, drinks, and most importantly, networking, was the order of the event.

“The concept of Demo Day is to connect startups in Cambodia to the business community… the idea is to bridge that gap, so they can get familiar with what’s out there, and for the startups also to know some of the businesses so they can potentially get some work from them as well,” explained Chanda Pen, the Co-chair of the Amcham ICT Committee.

Formally known as Tech Tuesdays, this Demo Day was the last in 2018, but there will be more to look out for in 2019, says Chanda. Completely organised by volunteers, Chanda hopes that the event’s speakers will give attendees a bigger view of what’s happening in Cambodia, and the demonstrations can give innovators a chance to best show off their products to the business community.

The event featured a number of speakers and demonstrations such as a speech by WorldAquire’s Christopher Treshan Perera on new trends in digital marketing, and a demo from Sunley Ear on CoffeeUp, a mobile platform for coffee delivery.

Chanda explained while planning is still preliminary, next year’s programme would probably be the same quarterly format but with added content.

We hope to see Geeks readers at the next event in the new year, and look forward to what new ideas will be shared, and new solutions demoed!