Geeks in Cambodia – Official Launch

Early this year, some of us expressed a strong desire to share their passion for Tech and Startups, through a media addressed to a Cambodian audience. We started with blogging for fun only, releasing few articles focused on global considerations on new technologies, and some stories about Startups emerging from Cambodia, and also across Southeast … More


Online Gaming Competition in Cambodia

Two weeks ago, we introduced Sabay, a cambodia-based company providing, among other things, the leading gaming experience in the Kingdom.
As fundamental gamers, the representation we have of online and video games does not only include the fun part, but also pictures them as creative tools. Although, we are aware of the controversies often applying when … More


Discover Geeks in Cambodia in Khmer!

Hi guys!
We’re very happy to announce that the khmer version of Geeks in Cambodia is now live!
Now our readers can discover our daily news in both khmer and english languages, and we couldn’t be happier
We still have some improvements and arrangements to make, so we’re open to any suggestion from … More


Khmer version is on the way

As announced earlier, Geeks in Cambodia is soon going to be available in Khmer language.
As for now, we’re currently finalizing the Khmer version of the website and soon we’ll be publishing again some hot news about technology and startups in Cambodia !
Stay tuned for more contents to come now in both english and … More


Mobile App Review : Khmer Market Price

This week, we had the pleasure of meeting SWOT KS, a team of Cambodia-based developers behind the Android phone application, Khmer Market Price.
With products and services ranging from electronic gadgets to vehicles and property, the mobile-based application entitles users to price information and availability.

The dual language application content (Khmer and English) is a boon … More

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