New Underwater Cable Between Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand to Boost Internet Speed in the Kingdom

As part of a three stage strategic development plan to heighten connectivity levels in the Kingdom considerably, EZECOM-owned Internet provider Telcotech has signed an agreement that will result in the creation of a Malaysia-Cambodia-Thailand (MCT) submarine cable system. This system will consist of an undersea link that will provide Cambodians with swifter Internet speeds at a cheaper cost, linking them globally like never before.

In terms of partnerships, Telcotech will be collaborating with Symphony Communication of Thailand and Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), two of Asia’s major players in the telecommunications sector. Both organisations will help to oversee the project; including building and maintaining the underwater cable system.

The MCT cable will be able to link the Kingdom with its neighbours via an underwater cable for the first time ever. With Internet penetration at an all-time high in Cambodia, the MCT has come at a right time where demands for increased connectivity and speed have risen significantly. This in turn can lead to an even higher broadband penetration rate, with better access to digital information and services for all who roam the Kingdom.

With costs amounting to less than $70 million dollars, this third phase of the development plan will make use of the latest 100Gbps technology in its system, which contains a minimal design volume of 30Tbps. This state-of-the-art system has been anticipated as the incentive for increased growth in businesses, both in the Kingdom as well as in the neigbouring regions. The MCT will likely be slated for completion by the year end of 2016.

The first phase of the plan saw Telcotech establishing a fibre-optic infrastructure  throughout Cambodia, when Internet Service Provider (ISP) EZECOM took over Telcotech in June 2011. Telcotech is the only Cambodian member of the Asia American Gateway (AAG), a 20,000km submarine cable that mainly connects USA to Southeast Asia and several other major fiber networks. This acquisition helped to greatly boost the international capacity.

Following the development of the MCT cable, Telcotech has been devising plans to gain an extra USD $15 – 20 million investments over the next 2 years, in order to strengthen the national infrastructure even more.

“The project will benefit the wider region as well. Our neighbours will find it easier to connect with Cambodia, opening up opportunities for cultural exchange, business partnerships and other forms of cooperation,” said EZECOM’s CEO Oknha Paul Blanche Horgan.