Introducing new Google+ Polls

Have you ever quarrelled with your friends over which is better – Apple or Android? Or perhaps you have lost sleep over undecided questions in your head like – Where should I go for vacation? With the latest feature on Google+, you can let your community make decisions or settle debates for you.

Google recently launched Google+ Polls. It is pretty straightforward and yet gaining immense support. Response is very positive as Google+ users have been searching for ways to do polls on the platform since years ago. Below is an innovative (but now obsolete) way that Google+ user Marc Pitman recommended to do polls (circa 2012!):

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.06.29 am

Other alternatives were posting a link to google surveys, but that seemed too much a hassle. These new polls are not just fun to play with, but also provide quick engagement for brands. Ask a burning question and you can easily get people who feel strongly about the issue to click on an answer. Google+ Polls allows you to have a maximum of five choices, and it can be made appealing with photos.

Oculus RiftDennis Troper posts a poll regarding the Oculus Rift, accompanied by a photo to illustrate it.

The possibilities are endless with these polls. Want to know how many people are open to your tech startup idea? Simply conduct a poll. The Google+ community is already full of like-minded people to help you out. Or maybe you want to know which weekend is better to hold a startup bootcamp. Be it for personal, page, or community use, Google+ polls are extremely beneficial. Our fellow Geeks In Cambodia writer Rattana demonstrates how the polls can be used for education on Cambodia’s landmarks – it will definitely reveal locals and expats’ knowledge:

Google Plus Polls

A polls about landmarks in Cambodia

The polls will be on Android and will also be on iOS soon. They are definitely a great way to ignite conversations about any burning topic you need addressed or just…what to eat for dinner! Try your hand at it, and just have fun!

For more information on Google+ polls, visit here!