National SME Business Model Competition 2014

Organized by CIESF in partnership with NUM, ITC and UP, and with Waseda University in Japan, this Entrepreneurship Competition for university students in Cambodia will take place on february 8th from 8 am to 12 pm. On this date, the semi final round will be showcased, with the top 21 university teams competing in 3 categories : General Business, Technology and Agriculture.

Each category will be judged individually, during separate audiences at ITC. For each category, the top 3 teams will be on the running towards the Final Competition, taking place at CJCC on February 15.

Free tickets will be available for both semi-final round and Final Competition.

Student teams have already applied to the National SME Competition, as the deadline was on October 27th last year. The process required to submit a one page application form, along with a 3-minute team video shared via YouTube. The best 24 teams have been selected by the Judging Panel, and training seminars and team consultation have been organized for the selected teams from november 2013 to january 2014 at the National University of Management.

Selected teams and Universities list can be found on this page.

Teams had the opportunity to be trained through lean startup methodology (« customer development model plus business model canvas »), and they also had the chance to be encouraged to signup for an online course offered by Stanford University Professor Steve Blank via Udacity : « Lean LaunchPad Course on How to Create a Startup ».

All of this sounds really exciting to us and we can’t wait to discover the pitches ! Each team perform a 10 minutes pitch to present their business models, and then a 10 minutes Q & A will be held by the Judging Panel.

This kind of event is the perfect spot for Startup lovers and business savvy, and we’re very eager to discover all the exciting projects.