Moving From NGO to Social Enterprise

As you face issues such as securing donor funding and the lack of funding limiting your organisational choices, making a transition to a social enterprise may put an end to these problems.

Apart from the reduction of your dependence on donations, having your own revenue would also give you the freedom to achieve company objectives, such as providing training opportunities.

Balancing a business and a social objective is not an easy feat; starting a business is always a challenge. However, the high success rate is enough to provide a strong strategic opinion on social enterprises for NGOs in Cambodia today.

Another of Impact Hub’s events brings you an exclusive look into the different aspects of starting a social enterprise. Held at Impact Hub on June 21, From NGO to Social Enterprise: Challenges of the Transition and How to Make it Work is a full-day workshop that will cover the obstacles of developing income generating activities and tips to overcome them.

With a range of experts sharing their experiences, participants will also examine case studies of organisations based in Cambodia. During the workshop, attendees will take a closer look at the prospects of NGOs interested in making this shift.

From 9am to 5pm, participants will learn more about the different aspects of starting a social enterprise, beginning with the transition and the company’s model. In addition to taking into consideration stakeholder language and organisational culture, a more detailed look also includes learning how to restructure an organisation, from staffing to operations.

The workshop will go through governance and legal entity, as well as the finances, funding and human resource management in a social enterprise. Furthermore, the full day event will also comprise of success factors and what to avoid.

After spending the past three years researching the topic and developing “NGO to Social Enterprise Transition Guidelines”, the team at Impact Hub has the experience to equip NGOs with the tools they need to sustain and plan enterprise activities.

From NGO to Social Enterprise: Challenges of the Transition and How to Make it Work will give participants the chance to network with fellow leaders and create partnerships as well.

Prices are $55 (including lunch) for non-members and $30 for members. Don’t miss out on this event. Register here.