More than 35 solutions to fight COVID-19 in Cambodia found at #HacKHtheCrisis

An online hackathon #HacKHtheCrisis, to rapidly build solutions to challenges related to COVID-19, brought together more than 200 participants and over 55 mentors who tried to tackle challenges submitted by the public.

After hacking for 48 hours last weekend, the teams developed over 35 solutions, which covered topics such as wellbeing, agriculture, SME support, healthcare, medical support community support, and access to information.

“This is just the beginning, we used this hackathon format to facilitate collaboration, connections, and inspiration to build things, but of course, plenty of people have already started, that’s why we plan to put all solutions, initiatives, innovations, related to COVID19 on a public AirTable, to map everything happening, and act as a ‘touch point’ for quickly connecting with the initiatives you can support, join, or share with others, ” said Olivia Hough, Managing Director of Impact Hub Phnom Penh.

The online hackathon was organised in only one week by Impact Hub Phnom Penh, Slash Foundry, and NIPTICT, and was supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

“We didn’t want to run a hackathon to ignite ideas that then get forgotten once the event ends. Luckily, we’ve already seen significant supporters in the ecosystem willing to contribute to this challenge [of COVID19] and we hope that means we’ll see some great new initiatives emerge and thrive in the coming weeks, that ultimately save lives and businesses,” said Andries De Vos, CEO of Slash Foundry.

Here are some of the solutions that the participants submitted:

Covid-19 Broadcast Solution: A portal for social media broadcasting of Covid-19 news to be used as the official source of information on the subject, by the Cambodian government.

Kampu Sokha: aims to reduce the spread and fear of COVID-19 by providing a way of reliable self diagnosis, map, news and monitoring.

COVID-19 Schedule: A portal that allows people to reserve their place in the queue for being tested for COVID-19.

COVID Farmer Hack aims to help farmers deal with the loss of income and food security during this crisis.

606: COVID-19 Video Series of “The Good Things That Happen” in this catastrophe, such as kindness, invention, new policies and cooperation to prevent the spread.

MeetDoctor: Telehealth app connecting patients to doctors from home.

ArrowDot: working on a Respiratory Machine to assist patients with breathing.

AgriSmart: cheap and accessible protective face shield made of bamboo for local people and healthcare practitioners.

TraceSave: An app that uses Bluetooth to alert users if they had close contact with a COVID-19 case.

Healthy Home – Self Quarantine App : Self-quarantine app for self-monitoring and food recommendations for the immune system.

You can find all the solutions here and learn more about the hackathon through #HacKHtheCrisis website or Facebook page.