Mobile Technologies Landscape and Opportunity for CSOs in Cambodia

We recently introduced some tech focused sessions led by “SILK” project in Cambodia, dealing with various topics. Lately, SILK changed their names into “Development Innovations”, and those tech savvy folks are more than willing to continue to bring smart events.

This week, on February 7th, we’ll have the pleasure to attend their event focusing on « Mobile Technologies Landscape and Opportunity for CSOs in Cambodia », taking place once again at Himawari Hotel.

For this session, Channe Suy from InSTEED iLab Southeast Asia will bring some practical examples of mobile technologies used in development. Channe is more than well-knowned here in Cambodia, as she co-organized the latest Startup Weekend edition, among other projects she’s involved in.

By joining this session, you’ll be able to discover how mobile technologies can help Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) « to do more with less ». Among the different topics to be addressed, a focus will be made on some projects relying on mobile technologies in labor rights and health care, and also on the use of mobile phone as a data collection tool.

If you haven’t registered yet, follow the link here to also find more information.