Mobile Social Commerce Conference in Cambodia : retrospective

On July 5th, Phnom Penh welcomed the Mobile Social Commerce Conference (MSOC) launched on the initiative of PIKOM and RESOLVO companies. Over 120 delegates from Cambodia, Malaysia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran attended the conference officiated by the Minister of Information Cambodia and the Secretary General of NIDA (National IT Development Authority). Geeks in Cambodia was lucky enough to meet PIKOM representatives, and to be invited to this event.

PIKOM is an association representing the information and communication technology industry (ICT) in Malaysia. PIKOM was created in 1986 with the goal of growing the ICT sector and making it more profitable, thriving and competitive. Today, the association unites over 1,500 companies operating in the ICT industry performing 80% of the whole ICT trade in Malaysia.

RESOLVO Cambodia offer IT solutions and guarantee optimization in resources for every kind of business. They also have experience in organizing various business events across Cambodia.

PIKOM and RESOLVO chairmen kicked off MSOC in order to give more importance to the promotion of ICT sector. PIKOM support their members to increase exportation activities and to invest in international markets. A lot of new opportunities are emerging from upcoming ASEAN economic zone, which are about to highly contribute to ICT development.

Many topics were addressed during Mobile Social Commerce conference. One of them was delivered by Mr. Noy Shoung, Deputy Secretary General Cambodia, who explained the various approaches of doing business in mobile social commerce in Cambodia. The audience could also attend a presentation on the issues of ASEAN liberalization, presented by the Executive Director of Malaysian Service Providers Confederation. The conference also addressed two key discussions : PIKOM Chairman led the first one on security on the internet, and PIKOM CEO hosted the second one, focused on the revolution in Mobile Education. Notable panelists also took part in the discussions.

social mobile conference cambodia

On July 5th evening, a networking dinner took place at Eclipse Sky Bar in Phnom Penh, gathering professionals from ICT sectors from Malaysia, Cambodia and other countries, with representatives willing to learn more about Cambodian markets’s potential.

Geeks in Cambodia team was lucky enough to be invited, and it was with pleasure that we met a lot of interesting companies over there! We can’t say how much we appreciated to have successful companies considering investing in Cambodia, or partnering with local actors.

social mobile conference cambodia

Following the Conference, an ICT exhibition took place in City Mall, featuring a wide range of ICT products and services from over 30 companies and 9 sponsors. It allowed those firms to engage directly with potential local partners in Cambodia.

Throughout this major event, PIKOM believe that Malaysian and foreign companies whom took part in this journey will now be aware of Cambodian market’s potential, and grasp this opportunity to expand their businesses. The success of the event in terms of attendance gives high expectations for the development of this industry in Cambodia, and other events of that kind happening might bloom in the future in other countries.

Geeks in Cambodia team would like to thank PIKOM and RESOLVO for inviting us to take part in this conference! We’re looking forward to following up on opportunities emerging from this event.

social mobile conference cambodia

(Edited by Adrienne Ravez)