Mobile Review: Nokia XL

The big boys have come together to present us with the first Nokia, Microsoft and Windows phone platform: the Nokia XL!

Specialised options include dual SIM card slots for the users to alternate between their business and personal affairs.

Running on the newcomer software, Nokia X 1.0.1, we believe that the Nokia XL’s interface (as compared to the smoothness of iOS 7 or Android KitKat may need to iron out kinks quickly.

In order to bring out the full potential of the Microsoft service, Nokia has decided to drop Google completely. You won’t be able to access to Google Play, and instead have to use the Nokia Store, which will provide a selection of Android applications.

The price of the Nokia XL is $150 SIM-free currently. Nokia’s intention is to penetrate the low cost market, and we believe that this will prove to have some form of impact on the characteristics and capabilities of the phone.

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Nokia XL