Mobile Review : Nokia EOS

Few weeks ago, a rumor started growing about an upcoming phone by Nokia, featuring high photos performances.

As many photos, and more recently, a potential video, of the product keep coming through, it becomes obvious that the rumor could be confirmed very soon.

So far, what do we know about the Nokia EOS ?

  • Its design and size would be very similar to the Lumia 920
  • It would include a 41 megapixels PureView sensor
  • It would give the possibility to make full HD 1080 pixels videos
  • It would feature the Xenon flash (similar to the Lumia 928′s one)
  • It would have the same optical image stabilization performances as the Lumia 920
  • It would probably be launched during a press conference mid-july this year

This potentially upcoming phone is highly expected, as it would be the first one to stand half way from a smartphone and a digital camera. The rumor also says Nokia would work on providing a general user experience very close to a digital camera’s one.

We can’t wait to have confirmation of this rumor as this phone would gather all the best performances from previous Lumias, added with very strong photos and videos performances.

Here is our review based on various rumors we could gather :

nokia eos review

As soon as rumors are officially confirmed, we will keep you updated with every informations we’ll be able to collect.