Mobile Phones & Internet in Cambodia 2015 – Keep Yourself Up-to-Date!

Mobile phones have become such an integral part of our lives and as of 2014, 94% of people surveyed in Cambodia claimed to own a phone, with a staggering percentage of more than 99% reachable through phones.

With the integration of Internet to phones, it also shows how usage of mobile phones can grow exponentially over the years – bearing in mind that there will be a different trend every year.

Organized by the USAID’s Cambodia Development Innovations, speaker Javier Sola will be gracing the presentation by shedding some light into new data on mobile phones and Internet trends for 2015. He will also be touching on the kind of social media Cambodians are using today.

With his experience in having led numerous efforts to develop technology tools and infrastructures and holding the status of Chief of Party of the USAID SPICE Communications Environment, Javier will most definitely be able to address your questions during the Q&A session that will be conducted.

It is crucial to know the latest trend so that you keep yourselves up-to-date, better implement these data in your companies’ way of marketing and efficiently reach out to a broader spectrum of audiences.

This presentation will be held at the first floor of the Development Innovations’ building from 3:30pm to 5:30pm on the 19th November 2015. Cushioning on to the fact that the data is fruitful to know, registrations to attend this presentation is completely free-of-charge.

You will also get to meet different people from various companies and absorb new knowledge together! What are you waiting for? Save yourself a slot now by registering here.