Mobile Monday: Cambodian Perspective On Mobile Marketing Trends

The upcoming Mobile Monday (MoMo) discussion at Development Innovations will touch on whether Cambodia is set to follow the global trends in mobile marketing and media. It will be held on 2 February 2015 from 5:30PM to 7:00PM.

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Confused about what MoMo meetups are? They consist of people in the mobile sector who value the sharing of knowledge and information for improvement. Whether it is to better the society or to increase your own capabilities, MoMo is a friendly platform for you.

Mobile penetration in Cambodia is off the charts, and as of March 2014, the numbers stood at 126%. This essentially means that many have more than one mobile phone. With these high numbers, it is relevant to discuss how mobile marketing and media can be advantaged, as it plays a vital role in engagement with customers.

It seems that many organisations are still set on using social media as a “one-way communication system”, when it has the potential for so much interaction. In June 2014, there were 1.42million Cambodian users on Facebook. At the upcoming MoMo meetup, expect to learn more about engaging your target audience using digital media. Also, you are set to learn tips and tricks for better marketing campaigns!

Speakers on the panel discussion are:

Mr. Tharum Bun, Communications and Digital Media Manager, InSTEDD

Mr. Sombath Chan, General Manager, 3Tech Cambodia

Mr. Mike Gaertner, Chief Operation Officer, Sabay

Mr. Tharo Sen, Digital Manager, Marketing Solutions Asia Ltd

Mr. Kokleong Yap, Chief Marketing Officer, Smart Axiata

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