Mobile App Review : Khmer Market Price

This week, we had the pleasure of meeting SWOT KS, a team of Cambodia-based developers behind the Android phone application, Khmer Market Price.

With products and services ranging from electronic gadgets to vehicles and property, the mobile-based application entitles users to price information and availability.

khmer market price

The dual language application content (Khmer and English) is a boon to locals and foreigners, especially for an increasing pool of 3G mobile subscribers in Cambodia, said Swot KS. They decided on developing an Android version first because it is currently the most popular mobile operating system nationwide.

Presently, the application has received 30, 572 active users and 63, 609 downloads. SWOT KS said that plans to include more products and a Windows Phone version are in the pipeline.

(Edited by Lareina Choong)