Mobile App news : Line Messaging App

Line is a mobile app launched around two years ago, providing messaging and free calling features in 12 languages.

Very popular in Asia, and more recently abroad (especially in Spain), this app has recently announced to have reached more than 150 million registered users, located in 230 different countries.

Line also gives access to several games, that have been downloaded more than 100 million times !

It could be compared to other messaging mobile apps such as WeChat or WhatsApp, as it features free calls and messages, along with social gaming. On addition to that, you can find some related apps and fun features such as sticker shop (buying fun stickers), Line camera app (decorating photos), Line brush app (editing pictures with brushes) or Line cards app (sending cards for special occasions and celebrations).

But what is even more interesting about Line, stands in its marketing possibilities. Indeed, the app offers sponsored coupons, leading consumers to specific stores or brands products. Also, as Line features a mobile social network, brands and companies are then able to engage directly with consumers.

Surpassing 30 million global downloads last month, Line proves to be a strong tool in both terms of user experience and brand’s impact.