Mobile and social media inspiration from Hong Kong

As we had the opportunity this week to come across two inspiring infographics about mobile and social media in Hong Kong, we really felt like sharing these informations with our readers, as it is always relevant to us to get some inspiration from other Asian countries insights about the use mobile and social media.

Infographics about mobile user behavior in Hong Kong :

In Hong-Kong, average mobile users are pretty young (from 12 years old) and well accustomed to mobile devices. Taking photos, browsing Internet and accessing social networks are the most popular features amongst the 12-39 year old users.

These new ways of using mobile have highly played a large part in the expansion of Hong Kong social media circle.

Infographic about social media equivalent in Hong Kong :



Facebook and Yahoo : Leaders in diversification

Facebook is no longer a mere social networking service in Hong Kong. It appears today in many different categories and surprisingly reaches top-ranked position. Facebook leaps forward in video and photo sharing and comes to compete with websites formerly leaders in these categories for years – such as Youtube. Facebook has also become also the leader in online check-ins in Hong-Kong. Open graph has also grown significantly, as the traditional email/username/password login has turned old fashioned in many users’ point of views. Yahoo is another example of a company which has successfully achieved its diversification in Hong Kong. Shopping, blogging, encyclopedia, reviews and deals are the categories in which Yahoo currently appears with substantial market shares.

Two recent Chinese websites, today leaders in their categories

Open Rice, Chinese food and restaurant guide website is a popular review in Hong Kong, used by more than 2 million people every month in the World. By listing more than 20,000 restaurants in Hong Kong, it allows users to post reviews on those restaurants and to update informations displayed on the website. In another category, Beecrazy, a website founded in 2010, already gained recognition in online deals market.

The current digital field in Hong Kong keeps expanding and welcoming new platforms. Start-up companies, focused on chinese market only, can still find space in this market, in spite of the overwhelming presence of huge leading platforms that choose diversification as new strategy for their development.

What is inspiring from this is that, in Cambodia, so far, even though tech and digital scenes are far from being as expanded as they can be in Hong Kong, they nevertheless keep growing significantly. Mobile and social media use in Cambodia remain one of our main focus here at Geeks in Cambodia, and even though Facebook is widely used, Cambodia nonetheless has its own social networks, such as Angkor One, Cambodia Circles, and more to come for sure…