Microsoft’s Office 365 Launches in Cambodia

In Cambodia, the drive towards a digital transformation for the Kingdom has been one that is high on the country’s agenda. From introducing more IT tools to the school curriculum to mobile apps for everyday tasks like banking, there is a clear direction that Cambodia is heading towards – a tech savvy society.

That includes the way food is being ordered, the way classes are conducted in schools and of course, the way business is being done. In this regard, one of the world’s most prominent tools has just been made available in Cambodia and looks set to drive this digital transformation vision for the country’s growing economy.

On Tuesday (Jan 17), Microsoft announced the availability of Office 365 in Cambodia which gives companies access to cloud-hosted services that enable seamless collaboration and higher productivity for everyone at the work place.

Rena Chai, Marketing and Operations Lead, Southeast Asia New Markets, Microsoft Asia Pacific said, “The notion of work is changing and companies of all sizes across the globe need to digitally transform to meet new organization needs and overcome challenges in this rapidly evolving business landscape.”

At the launch event, Microsoft showcased the collaboration capabilities of Office 365 with a live demo that walked attendees through the software. Packed with classic Microsoft software like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, users will be more than familiar with the essentials in the package. Naturally though, Microsoft has taken an extra step by introducing brand new features that bring the work experience to another level.

Participants were able to experience Office 365 for themselves at the Demo Zone

Participants were able to experience Office 365 for themselves at the Demo Zone

The four key areas of intelligence, mobility, security and collaboration define the new features available in Office 365. From being able to verify facts through a tool built into each app, to having a pop up alert every time a sensitive document is being sent to someone outside your organisation, the intelligence and security of the Office 365 system are pretty apparent.

In terms of collaboration and mobility, a new feature that has been added together with Office 365 is that of Microsoft Teams, a platform that enables Office users to collaborate on the same document, know where the collaborators are on a document and to chat or even video call them while working using Skype for Business.

Skype For Business is demonstrated at the Office 365 Launch event

Skype For Business is demonstrated at the Office 365 Launch event

That brings us to Microsoft OneDrive, a cloud-based storage system that enables users to store any kind of document and to seamlessly move from device to device and location to location without missing a beat of what is happening at work. With this cloud-based technology partnered with Microsoft Teams, organisational collaboration and office mobility have never been easier.

Cambodia’s Child Protection Unit (CPU) is one such organisation that has already implemented the Office 365 system and is reaping its benefits. In the past, it used to rely on a paper-based filing system to handle its cases but their operations have now been digitised using Office 365.

James McCabe, the Director of the CPU said, “With the deployment of Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, we have digitalised our operational processes and built our central case management system by leveraging the cloud to share, track and better manage information.”

To make the night even more memorable, Microsoft also facilitated one of Cambodia’s first Mannequin Challenges with all its guests. Check out the video here!

For us at Geeks in Cambodia, we’re really excited to see how the adoption of Office 365 changes the way organisations work in Cambodia and we hope that more such IT tools will be introduced to improve the productivity and fast-track the digitisation of the Kingdom.