Micepad App : A Solution For Live Events

Micepad is a solution available on mobile and tablet, dedicated to live events, conferences and workshops.

With this app, events organisers are provided with customised solutions aiming at engaging their audiences.

Indeed, Micepad features specific modules that can be chosen, in order to offer a tailored experience to the attendees of an event.

If like us you often attend events and conferences for business purpose, you might have certainly expected somehow to be provided with a platform that would gather all at once the whole informations related to the event. For example, with Micepad, events organisers can upload rich contents to the interface dedicated to their event. They can broadcast informations related to their speakers, programmes, partnerships and more…

micepad app

Further than this, the modules available on the app provide an interactive experience to users, allowing them to receive accurate informations on the programme as the event runs, and follow all the resources available at the venue.

micepad app

During speeches and presentations, attendees can also get the contents brought by speakers, such as Keynotes, PDF, Excel and Word documents…

micepad app

Another feature that will be greatly appreciated, especially by shy people, is the ability to ask questions and engage with speakers straight through the app, thanks to the discussion module :

micepad app

With Micepad, it is also possible to engage audience even more, thanks to fun and interactive modules such as quizzes :

Micepad app

And there is even more about Micepad, like group posting feature allowing to engage with the other attendees, some survey module providing relevant feedbacks to the organisers.

As tech and startup events keep growing in South East Asia, this kind of app is a great solutions for both attendees and organisers. From the organisers point of view, it allows to engage their audience, get feedbacks and innovate in the way they communicate with their participants. Moreover, they can also save costs and preserve environment as this app offers a paperless event option. For attendees, it provides an interactive mean of communication with speakers and other participants, and it allows to gather all practical informations in one place.

If you wish to discover more about the app, here a some videos presentations about Micepad :