Metfone Buys Beeline Mobile Operator in Cambodia

On March 19th, Beeline, the fourth largest telecommunication network in Cambodia, announced that it had been bought over by Metfone, run by Vietnam’s Viettel Group.

The merger, which had been put in place as of March 24th, has since seen Beeline customers switched over to Metfone. According to a press release issued by Beeline’s ex-owner Sotelco Ltd, all Beeline scratch cards are not valid anymore, though the leftover balance of their customers will be retained and shifted over to Metfone.

Metfone has also attained certain licenses and assets from the Cambodian based Beeline operator. What this means for ex-Beeline subscribers is that their networks will be automatically switched to Metfone from March 24th, and that they can switch to a Metfone SIM card if they want to.

Additionally, Beeline’s ex-customers will now be able to profit from Metfone’s huge network as well as its 4G data, something that they did not have access to initially with Beeline.

Newswire Vietnam Plus reported that in 2013, the number of mobile connections in Beeline plummeted to 500,000, down from 1.1 million subscribers in 2012. According to MobileWorldLive, the joined company will now have approximately 13 million mobile connections.