Mekong ICT Camp 2017 Back to Develop the Region

If two full days of hands-on workshops, discussions and mingling with like-minded individuals in a camp revolving around infocomm technology sounds something that’s right up your alley, then Mekong ICT Camp 2017 is the event for you.

In its fifth edition, this biannual event is a hands-on workshop on social innovation that centres on information, communication, and technology capacity development for independent media, community health workers, and civil society organizations in Mekong sub-region.

This year’s theme is innovation, citizenship and open technology for social change in the Mekong sub region, and all developers, journalists, development workers and social workers are welcomed to apply.

In line with its theme, the 2-day workshops will mainly focus on already existing developmental projects in Mekong countries and generating ideas to solve data and technological problems related to issues such as:

  • Environmental and social impacts of development projects such as dams, mines, oil and gas, road construction or land concessions.
  • Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation
  • Health, education, civil rights and others.

These workshops are perfect for development workers, journalists or anyone looking for solutions to their data problems that can range from data collection to analysis or visualisation.

By presenting your data problems at these workshops, you are essentially presenting them to software developers, hardware makers and data experts, who, if interested, will work with you to embark on the hunt for a tech solution.

And how are we so certain that your problems would definitely be presented to the right audience? That’s because of the selection process Mekong ICT Camp has for its participants, that requires detailed information such as your reason for application, your organisation and relevant skills.

Although it is a Mekong-centric event, all are welcomed to apply, including those outside of the region. As per previous runs, Mekong ICT Camp would select 60 participants from the Mekong sub-region, along with others from outside the region, creating a good mix of participants that you will meet and network with.

The reason for only providing 60 exclusive spots to those from the Mekong region is because of the sweet deal they offer: a sponsorship for all your travel, accommodation and program costs with only a small contribution fee of USD50 per participant in return. This sponsorship extends to those from the Mekong sub-region (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam) as well as anyone currently involved in projects related to the development of the Mekong region and its people regardless of nationality.

What if you are an interested party from outside the region? Do not fret, as Mekong ICT Camp also provides partial sponsorship that covers camp fees and accommodation. All you would need to fork out are for your transport and travel, which in our opinion, is still a steal for the learning opportunities you are bound to receive from this event!

To make full use of the 2 short days of this event, participants with data and technical problems should bring descriptions of those problems, resources, reports, datasets, equipment or any relevant materials that will help others understand and solve the problem. Participants should also bring along a personal laptop as computers are required in most hands-on sessions, and will not be provided by the camp.

An interactive workshop would require speakers to be equipped with the necessary tools and information to showcase their topics. At Mekong ICT Camp, participants are encouraged to lead discussions, and are highly recommended to bring along problems, ideas, stories, tools, equipment or websites to present to others.

To be a part of this interactive camp that happens only once every two years, sign up here: Application closes on 15th July 2017*.

Geeks in Cambodia definitely feels that this is a wonderful event to learn, explore and immerse yourselves in the enriching world of ICT, and encourage anyone to give it a go!

Mekong ICT Camp will be held from 4 to 9 September in Siem Reap, Cambodia. For more information, do visit

*It was recently announced that application deadline has been extended for interested applicants in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam only.