Phnom Penh, 5 December – Last week, Cambodia hosted its first GREEN STEM Festival, dedicated to education on environment.

The festival took place from 28th to 29th November at The Premier Centre Sen Sok, with a goal to challenge participants to use their STEM skills to help the environment and secure a brighter, cleaner future for Cambodia.

All around the world, studying science, technology, engineering and maths is critical as it allows us to help improve lives and tackle environmental problems.

“Cambodia needs many, many more STEM professionals” said Tina Redshaw, British Ambassador to Cambodia while speaking at the festival.

The Secretary of State of the Ministry of Environment Sophalleth Eang also pledged to continue working towards banning single-use plastics in Cambodia, while members of EnergyLab challenged participants to connect up a home solar system and answered questions about clean energy in Cambodia.

The event marked the 15th time a STEM Festival was organized in Cambodia, showing the importance of combining STEM subjects and environmental protection to achieve a sustainable future.

To find out more about the event, visit their website here, or their Facebook here.