Khmer Smart Keyboard: Crowdfunding For Android Release

Remember the Khmer Smart Keyboardw team? We featured them just awhile ago here! Possibly the best Khmer character keyboard yet, it uses gestures to be more user-friendly. Already having a great kickstart, they have even bigger plans for the future. Here is what they said:

“We plan to have the number keys available on an extra row in Version 1.2. To use it, you simply have to use two fingers to swipe down. We are also working on making the graphic more HD. In Version 1.3, we plan to implement an English keyboard with the same functionalities.

In the future, we hope to release a second version that will support word prediction. We will make sure not to compromise the quality as we expand.”

As of now, their Android version is in the works, and will be released latest by the end of February. As they have no investors, the team is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign through which they can gain funds to release the keyboard for Android users. Other than just using the funds to release the Android version, they will also donate the money to charities, helping children who live in poverty.

Their campaign will go live here extremely soon, so if you use an Android and want the version to be released, check it out!