Khmer PreSchool App – A Fun Way To Learn Khmer

Interest in Education Technology has been steadily growing with more and more events and initiatives focusing on EdTech. While many of the events have looked at EdTech being applied in University, High School or other more advanced levels of Education, EdTech can be used even at Pre-School Level.

Here at Geeks in Cambodia, we were delighted to find such an application developed by iOS Khmer, a company in Cambodia that develops apps in Khmer.

The application, Khmer PreSchool is a fun and interactive way for children to pick up the Khmer Alphabet and the Khmer Language.

We caught up with Sok Ratha, the Commercial Manager from iOSKhmer to chat about the application.

The interview has been edited for clarity, flow and language.

For our readers, could you give us some insight into how the app works and what are some of its key features?

It is an app that assists you in learning how to write Khmer alphabets and vowels. All you have to do is use your finger to draw according to the arrows and the number on the coins. The app also has a voice button, which will pronounce each character on the screen.

How can people get access to the application?

This app is available for free on Apple App Store and Android Play Store. To download, just open each app store app and search ‘Khmer PreSchool’. Or you could type this short link: on your smartphones’ browser.

How did the idea for the app come about?

I have seen many apps that teach users how to write English alphabets. So I thought, I could make one in Khmer for those who are interested in learning how to write Khmer, especially small kids who have just started their Preschool.

What has the response to the application been like so far?

We got a few thousands download on both platforms. As this app is for children and some foreigners who are learning to write Khmer, it is no surprised that it got few download, compared to my other apps.

 How do you hope the application will be able to impact Education Technology(EdTech) in Cambodia?

Learning is supposed to be fun and if this app can help children in their education, I will be very happy. This app has ads on it on the first screen but it is not intrusive. It only shows if the device is connected to the internet. The app will still work offline. If this app get popular among children and teachers and officially endorsed by Ministry of Education, I will remove the ads banner if get officially requested.

 What are some ways you see this application developing both in terms of new features and its reach to the Cambodian community?

I have not received any feedbacks or requests from the app’s users so I will leave the app aside in the meantime. I will wait for the good respond from users before deciding whether to continue investing time on this app. I have a few new features in mind for the app such adding gaming aspects (matching/puzzle) to the app.

Are you planning to release any other apps with regards to EdTech and if you are, can you give us any insight into the upcoming app?

I have always wanted to do the interactive storybook app related to Khmer legends and folktales. But I am still new to Unity, the IDE that I used to code the app. So it will take some time before the new app will appear.

In your opinion, how can tech support education in Cambodia?

In many ways… for school, they can turn the class into smart classroom. The school can create a portal (website/app) that track student’s score and attendant and give their parents access to the platform so that the parents can keep tracks of their children’s development. Parents can take immediate remedy if they see their children falling off track.

For students, tech can help make education fun interactive and convenient. Time and place will not be a problem for students. They can learn anywhere any time if they have a smart device and the right apps. Any subjects that are boring, we can make an interactive book or game for it.

I see that in the future, students will learn faster with the help of tech, compared to my time.

That was our interview with the developers of Khmer PreSchool! We’re really happy to see how EdTech is making waves for pre-schoolers and we believe it is just the first step to creating a foundation for Cambodia’s next generation to succeed.