Using Technology to increase Agricultural Production in Cambodia

Mobile phones are no longer simple tools for entertainment; they are being used in the most innovative of ways to increase agricultural output for farmers in the Kingdom!

The project, by the name of e-PADEE, aims to bring mobile technology to the farmers. e-PADEE is also a national initiative by the government of the Kingdom to increase rice production and to improve the livelihood of a hundred million households which own rice paddy fields.

Through a digitally connected system, farmers are able to access extension services and receive accurate technical advice on their seeds, fertilizers, as well as pest and disease management techniques. So far, over 1600 farmers have utilized the app and have learnt new information through it.  Results have also shown that these farmers have experienced better agricultural yields.

To be held at Development Innovations, the presentation about this initiative will focus on mobile and ICT solutions in Agriculture. To sign up for free, follow this link.


Where: First floor, Development Innovations

When: 3.30pm – 5.00pm, 18th February 2016