TRYBE hosts Startup Clinic for Aspiring Startups

Starting on 11 October(tomorrow), TRYBE will be hosting a startup clinic for anyone with entrepreneurial and business dreams.

If you got an idea for a company or a product, this is just the session for you! Held at the University of Puthisastra on Street 184 from 6pm-9pm, you’ll get a chance to meet like minded people with similar dreams of impacting the world with their ideas.

Building up to the eventual launch of TRYBE’s permanent space later this year, the event is a another platform by which TRYBE hopes to start building up its startup community.

Acting as a follow up on TRYBE’s Work Safari programme which was meant to expose participants to the idea of a co-working space, this startup clinic will be something more structured and directed at those who have started or want to start a startup of their own.

Each session will enable participants to run ideas past like minded individuals as well as industry experts and provides them with the chance to pick the brains of industry players through a Q&A session.

In an interview with Geeks in Cambodia(GIC), Akira Morita, one of the co-founders of TRYBE, mentioned that he hoped that the startup clinic would be a good way to form a base from which TRYBE is able to identify who might be interested to join the community.

Referring to the series of startup clinics, Akira said, “We’re committed to at least 3 startup clinics but depending on how it goes, it might be even more.”

Elaborating on who the event is for, Akira told GIC that they were looking for people who were “open to trying new things, passionate, flexible and able to run with the moment”.

So if you’re someone with these characteristics and you want to make a difference to the world, you ought to attend the event tomorrow!

For the first run of the startup clinic tomorrow night, industry players who attendees will meet include Leap Sok, the head of System Experts Asia, Ki Chong Tran from ARC Hub Phnom Penh and Kongny Hav, the founder of My Dream Home.

By inviting these individuals, Akira hopes to create an atmosphere where attendees can meet those who have experience in the startup scene but yet not feel as if they are being “told what to do by someone 20 or 30 years older than them”. Through this, Akira hopes that the event will be more accessible to the wider community.

Specially for tomorrow’s launch event, participants will also get a chance to watch the winners of the SEA Makerthon, Team Rat Hunter practice their pitch for the SEA Makerthon finals held in Singapore next week.

The Startup Clinic event is hosted by TRYBE, a community of startups that hopes to promote an entrepreneurial mindset where people with startup dreams will be able to collaborate. In other words, it hopes to foster a culture of community and mutual support amongst aspiring startups.

Opening in December this year, TRYBE will consist of a makerspace, a co-working space and a training room. It will also deliver different training programmes and events in entrepreneurship design thinking and digital fabrication, making it an attractive space for entrepreneurs and innovators to frequent.

Rallying people to come for the event, Akira said, “if you dare to try, dare to be yourself, dare to step outside of your comfort zone, we want you!”

So if you’ve got entrepreneurial dreams or are an innovator, head on down to the University of Puthisastra on street 184 tomorrow night. Get ready for a great night of sharing, collaborating and networking courtesy of TRYBE!

For more information about TRYBE, you could check out the interview that GIC has done with Akira Morita and Nadia Wong, the founders of TRYBE here