The Mekong Messenger App

If you’ve ever dreamt of having an app that allows you to do business on the go, the Mekong Messenger App is the app you might have been waiting for.

Created by Rath Vong, a Cambodian who currently lives in Canada, the inspiration for the application came during his 6 month trip back to the Kingdom last year.

Rath says that it is his “love and experience” with the country that has helped and inspired him to develop this application which he hopes will be useful to those in Cambodia.

Zooming into the details and functions of the application, the easiest way to explain the app would be “Facebook with a business twist”. The application has a really simple interface with three main windows ­– notifications, friends and timeline. A search bar is also available on the app.

As with any other application, the notifications tab would inform you when there is any activity on your account, the friends tab contains the list of friends that you have on the application and your timeline contains the posts that your friends and yourself have made.

On that note, here’s a little tip you might want to consider. You could make your friends list on the application a “business only” friends list, such that it becomes a list of your business contacts, clients and customers. Then, using the chat function available on the app, you can be in constant communication with them.

Another unique point of the app becomes apparent when you access the search bar. You’ll be able to look through a plethora of options including “Buy and Sell”, “Jobs”, “Community”, “Cars and Vehicles” and more.

The first two categories mentioned, “Buy and Sell” and “Jobs”, enable the Mekong Messenger App to present you with the opportunity to conduct business on the go.

When accessing the “Buy and Sell” tab, you’ll be able to see a timeline generated with posts containing photographs of the various products that people have put on sale. You can then opt to chat with the seller and negotiate a price that suits both parties.

If you’re interested in selling something, simply select the option to post, take a photograph of what you want to sell and set your price range. You’ll be notified if someone wants to engage in a conversation with you about the item that you’ve put up for sale.

As for the “Jobs” tab, you’ll be able to search up available job postings on the market from the comfort of your homes just by accessing the function on the application.

Bringing business opportunities, both in terms of buying and selling, as well as giving you the chance to explore your next career option, the Mekong Messenger App is an application that you ought to check out.

Download it right now from the Google Play Store today!