Technovation 2018 Accepting Applications Till 7 March

Technovation 2018 is open for applications! With the aim of closing the tech gender gap, Technovation offers girls aged 10 to 18 from all over the globe a chance to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through the usage of technology.

Since 2010, more than 10,000 girls from 78 countries have participated in Technovation. During the competition, curious, creative and determined participants will be tasked to identify an impending problem in their community and create a mobile app solution to help address the problem. From there, participants will then learn how to communicate these ideas and translate them into a fully launched business.

During the 12-week programme, teams can choose to follow the curriculum found on the website or pace themselves through the units to get themselves ready for the World Pitch. This includes:

  • Start: Tips to make a team and find a mentor.

  • Week 1: Pick a problem to solve in your community

  • Week 2: Setup App Inventor and learn about types of businesses

  • Week 3: Learn about data and start doing market research

  • Week 4: Learn loops and conditionals, continue working on your market research and begin making your brand

  • Week 5: Learn about databases and sensors, start your business model and keep working on your brand

  • Week 6: Make a paper prototype and finalize your business model

  • Week 7: Start building your app and make a logo

  • Week 8: Make a marketing plan and start your pitch video

  • Week 9: Keep building your app, start your business plan, and finish your pitch video

  • Week 10: Keep coding and writing your business plan, as well as start your demo video

  • Week 11: Troubleshoot your app and continue your business plan, as well as finish your demo video

  • Week 12: Finish your app and business plan, as well as create a pitch presentation

  • End: Finalize everything and submit online before 25 April, 5pm PST

Alternatively, you can also see the relevant submission outline here for the deliverables needed, as well as a timeline below.

All in all, participants’ creations will be judged on a series of aspects, such as the ideation process behind their innovation, the technical functions of their app, their pitching skills and entrepreneurship abilities; as well as the overall impression they make through their entire submission.

To register successfully, applicants would need to either form or join a team; ranging from 1 to 5 girls in total. Besides that, teams will be put into divisions based on the ages of all team members, as of 1 August. Hence, those between 10 to 14 years old will be in the Junior Division; whilst those between 15 to 18 years old will be in the Senior Division subsequently.

So if you are interested in leading the change through technology, you can register for a spot now at till 7 March. You can also visit their Facebook page for updates!