Startup Weekend Phnom Penh


StartUp Weekend Education Phnom Penh 2017

Have a cool idea for improving Cambodia’s education? Be it an educational mobile app, a lecture sharing platform or just anything education or Edtech related; try your hand at the upcoming StartUp Weekend Phnom Penh and share your bustling ideas!


Behind The Geeks – BarCamp’s Be Chantra

(English) Continuing with the next part of our Behind The Geeks series, we catch up with Be Chantra, the man behind events like Startup Weekend and BarCamp


កម្មវីធី Startup Weekend ភ្នំពេញសំរាប់ស្រ្តី

សូមកុំខកខានកម្មវិធី Startup Weekend តំបូងបំផុតនៅកម្ពុជាដែលផ្តោតជាសំខាន់លើទេពកោសល្យនិងការច្នៃប្រឌិតថ្មីរបស់សហគ្រិនស្ត្រីនៅក្នុងសហគមន៍។


START-UP INTERVIEW: Joonaak Delivery

Having won 2014’s edition of Startup Weekend Phnom Penh, Joonaak Delivery has come a long way in terms of providing their services to the local society and even changing the mindsets of traditional thinking right here in Cambodia. Read the article to find out how they are doing!

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