Surprising Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do Daily

From having client meetings to plotting marketing strategies, business owners wear many hats and are in charge of many things. However, entrepreneurship is not just about networking events and press interviews. We found eight successful entrepreneurs and the surprising (smaller) things they do daily.

Brainstorming Walks

Aytekin Tank, Founder and CEO of JotForm, takes a long walk with an employee everyday. Apart from the benefits added to creativity from a relaxed setting, Aytekin believes that “many of [their] creative ideas come out of these talks”. “I find that talking in the same direction together connects people. It is less intimidating, and is a casual yet effective way to brainstorm.”

Dress for Success 

As an entrepreneur, you will never know when you are going to meet someone new. Networking opportunities come your way so often, you always have to be prepared to put your best foot forward. As tedious as it is to be presentable everyday, David Czinn and Josh Kahn, co-founders of Fruigees Organic Fruit Snacks, believes that it is essential. “You always have to make sure your shoes are shined, your shirt is pressed and that you are ready for anything, because you never know who you are going to meet or where you are going to be.”

Learn From the Past

While it is important to plan ahead and look forward, it is crucial to reflect on past mistakes, and look at what worked and what did not. Acknowledging what worked and what did not will benefit future strategic moves and planning. Christine Barney, CEO and managing partner of rbb Communications, is a firm believer of looking back to move forward. “Looking back yields benchmark data so you can set accurate goals and forecasts, as well as learn how to do it better, faster and more profitably.”

Wash the Dishes

Mariquel Waingarten, co-founder of Hickies, has said that being an entrepreneur means being proactive. In the beginning, being a CEO of your business could mean taking on the role of a sales representative, operations and dishwasher. “Every task is an important task, and I learned to love washing the dishes with the rest of my team as much as I love making strategic decisions or brainstorming ideas for our new product. Everything you do has value.”

Delivering a Dose of Inspiration

A great leader and a successful entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to inspire. Sometimes, it is as simple as putting up a motivational quote on the office board. Kathleen Reagen, attorney, an attorney and professor of law at Concord Law School and founder of, aims to make little bits of inspiration a daily occurrence. “The task I do every day is updating the dry-erase board upon which my office captures our ‘Word of the Day’ and ‘Quotable Quote of the Day’. The first, I write from my dealings with clients and Opposing Counsel. The second, my paralegals and secretary write when inspired by events in our cases.”

Watch the Budget 

Apart from making big decisions for the company, entrepreneurs have to be involved in the minutia of operating a business as well. These little tasks might include watching the budget and working on funds as well. Joe Noonan, founder and CEO of Homespun Design, was involved in as many as 20 different daily tasks a day, including watching the funds. “I didn’t anticipate watching our marketing budget every single day, measuring how each channel is performing and adjusting funds accordingly.”

Engage in Employee Management and Problem Solving 

Being a successful entrepreneur also includes being actively engaged in managing employees and coming up with solutions for problems together. Damain Rodriguez, president and COO of CDR Global, has fun doing this with his colleagues. “I did not envision I would spend the better part of each day meeting with my co-workers and solving problems. Surprisingly, this is what I do best and really enjoy.”

Finding Your Balance

As Andrea Simon, CEO and founder of Simon Associates, realised, entrepreneurship is about striking a balance between “aspiration, ideation and execution every single day”. Successful entrepreneurs have to find the right balance between being ambitious and realistic while juggling everything else on their plate. “It’s like you’re an improv performer in a one-man show, where you write, direct, produce and perform. When the day ends, you prepare yourself to start over and do it all again tomorrow.”


Adapted from the Business News Daily.