Start-up to Success: 8 Tips From Entrepreneur

Many successful entrepreneurs today mostly started from the bottom and worked their way up the success ladder. The truth is, nothing worth having comes easy. With a list of tips from successful entrepreneurs, you are well on your way to the road of success.

TIP #1
Coming from CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, he shared that when it comes to hiring people, competence is the most important quality. However, that is not enough, it is more essential to hire people that will love your company as much as you do. You should also value your company like a precious baby and hire the right nanny to be a part of it.

TIP #2
Known for his adventurous and risk-taker traits, CEO of Virgin, Richard Branson is next on the list. He believes in building something that he can be proud of at the end of the day and interweave talented people together to create something that will make a difference in the lives of others. To him, if you see no joy in what you are doing, you might as well not be doing it.

TIP #3
CEO of Chipotle, Steve Ells, shared the sentiment that you should always go about a unique way to doing things and always be ready to learn. As we are all advocated with the notion that learning is a lifelong experience, there should be no halts in your learning process, rather, pick up new knowledge and skills along the ways to enhance your entrepreneurial skills and start-up.

TIP #4
Adding on to tangible aspects, it is of paramount importance to have a solid business plan as a springboard. In the course of your endeavor, it is expected that there would be tumbles, twists and turns. CEO of Big Think Analytics, Ron Bodkin advised that to receive good returns, a good map and strategy is required to be able to predict a turmoil that the company might face and to always be prepared.

TIP #5
Another tip from Vincent Mifsud, CEO of Scribblelive, is to make decisions that are data-driven and to consistently be focused on your investments, especially when it comes to marketing. Channel your focus on content, rather than ads and create content that are impactful.

TIP #6
We also know how crucial time management and critical thinking skills will set you apart from many others and CEO Josh Manion of Ensighten reiterated such habits. He added how it is good to plot far in advance as every little step in your venture counts and will cumulatively make a difference in your final result.

TIP #7
One aspect that CEO Elon Musk of Tesla, Solar City and Space X highlighted would be learning to take criticism. As much as criticism would sting one’s ego at times, Elon Musk shared that it is important to take as much feedback from as many people as you can on whatever idea you have.

TIP #8
On the last of our valuable tip list, CEO Jerry Murrell of Five Guys shed light on how quality matters and there is no such thing as cutting corners in your path to success. Indeed, there is no shortcut to success and it is never an overnight thing.