SHE Investments Cambodia’s 2017 Incubator Programme

If you’re a female entrepreneur who has an existing micro-business in Cambodia and you’re looking to bring your project to the next level, then the SHE Investments incubator programme is for you.

Now open for sign ups, this will be the 4th incubator programme SHE Investments has hosted. In its previous three runs, the course has helped to nurture 24 graduates, each ready to embrace the world of entrepreneurship.

Spanning a period of 6 months, participants will receive professional mentoring and networking opportunities with industry professionals as well as various in-depth training courses.

These courses will take the form of 2-day workshops each month. Topics covered during the workshops include marketing, business and personal financial management, goal setting and business planning.

What’s more, the programme also has a proven track record of success with graduates generally enjoying an increase in their monthly business and personal income.

One such success story is Vong Savenn from SHE’s pilot incubator programme in 2015. Her project revolved around making jewellery from recycled paper as well as other handicraft products, which would then be sold to wholesale customers.

Through the course of the incubator, Savenn also used her newly acquired skills to start a new business selling juice. Both enterprises have expanded in the past year and she now has over 20 employees in her company, most of whom are women from her community.

What’s really interesting is that she also shared her knowledge with her husband who used the knowledge to expand his taxi business. Today, he now owns several taxis, each with a driver!

Here at Geeks in Cambodia, it’s really encouraging for us to see Cambodian  female entrepreneurs using their skills and talents to make an impact in their community and we believe there are many more impactful ideas out there waiting to take shape! That’s why we encourage you to join the SHE Investment incubator programme to take your first step towards creating positive change.

Interested in being a part of this programme? SHE Investments is inviting you to apply for one of the 10 partial and full scholarships that they are offering. These scholarships will cover the programme fee of $400.

To be eligible for the scholarship, participants simply need to be committed to the programme. This means attending the 2-day workshops each month, and covering your transport expenses if you live outside of Phnom Penh.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to to apply right now or call 085 578 378 for more information.