Sala Enrollment — Online Cambodian University Information

Searching for the right university to study at has traditionally been a frustrating, time consuming, confusing, and sometimes expensive experience in Cambodia.

In addition to a lack of central database of universities and courses making it difficult for students to choose the best degree for them, the very process of viewing universities is difficult some. For those living outside of Phnom Penh, or far from local universities, the cost of taking time off work to travel to view a prospective university, and possible overnight stay, can be prohibitive.

Sala Enrollment, a new platform by Edtech, aims to change both of these issues, and Geeks in Cambodia spoke with Edtech’s Leap Sok to learn more:

(Answers have been edited for length and clarity)

What was the inspiration behind Sala Enrollment?

Leap: This year 100,000 students will choose to go on to university. They will face the same challenges as me and my friends and many will waste years choosing the wrong major all over again.

This is why I and my team is developing sala enrollment. A platform that lists all universities in Cambodia. We want to give students the ability to see all the opportunities they have, help them choose the right major, and do it online, so they don’t need to waste money and travel from far away.

Why was Sala Enrollment needed for less wealthy students?

L: Instead of traveling to Phnom Penh, paying for accommodation and other living expenses – they will be able to research universities online.

What has been your biggest challenge?

L: Finding the contact persons in each universities and possibility to outreach to all students to Cambodia. We are seeking to collaborate with any organizations or individuals who can bridge us these two challenges in getting more universities on board and also better outreach to students in the rural areas.

We at Geeks think it is a great idea to help simplify the university application and searching process; by helping students find the best university and subject for themselves, there will be more enthusiastic, well trained and knowledgeable people in Cambodia!