Retrospective: Startup Weekend Women’s Edition

On May 27 to May 29, Phnom Penh hosted the first Startup Weekend Women’s Edition. With marketing, business structuring and design workshops, the event aimed to unite like-minded females and shed light on women entrepreneurship.

During Startup Weekend Women’s Edition, women pitched their ideas and the best pitches emerged as seven startups. From agriculture to babysitting services, the startups aimed to improve various sectors in Cambodia. The startups are Khmer Women Talk, CamBiz Agent, Sendsecure, Local Alliance, Green Cambodia, Soon Kro Owb (fragrant garden) and Meados Babysitting Service.

Khmer Women Talk is a Facebook community portal that provides women with resources or people to help them resolve their issues.

CamBiz Agents is a web portal matching women who require consultation and training services to consultants, mentors or experts available in the market.

Sendsecure is a courier service that aims to use secure, pin-encoded boxes to deliver important documents efficiently.

As the middleman between farmers and consumers, Local Alliance’s main objective is to introduce local organic produce at a competitive market price.

Green Cambodia is an organic vegetable shop that targets local housewives and local supermarket vendors. They hope to increase the market size of local organic vegetables in the market.

Soon Kro Owb (Fragrant Garden) is an orchid farm that aspires to meet the demand of local flower farming in Cambodia.

Meados Babysitting Service, a local babysitting agency, looks to provide trusted and efficient babysitters for families in Phnom Penh, and eventually Cambodia.

Apart from volunteers and organisers, the three-day event also saw 10 mentors working with the women on their ideas, fundamental business guides and business models.

Mr. Steven Path, CEO of Pathmazing, was present as one of the five judges for the startup pitches. In his speech, he pointed out that successful women CEOs should serve as encouragement for women entrepreneurs everywhere. He hoped that through programs like this, women would become more empowered and vocal. “Express your independence to be able to lead,” he said. “Women can also be CEOs.”

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